"I'm keeping a close eye on the Al Bhed Psyches this year."
"Ewww... Why would you root for the Al Bhed? You really do have bad taste."
"I like how they cover up their faces. It's just so sexy and mysterious.
—Two women conversing

The Al Bhed Psyches are a blitzball team representing the Al Bhed race. While facing the Besaid Aurochs in the semifinals of an annual tournament, another group of Al Bhed kidnapped Summoner Yuna under the guise of ransoming her for the win. In truth, this was the first instance we see of the Al Bhed practice of kidnapping Summoners to prevent them from completing their pilgrimage. She was, however, eventually rescued by her Guardians Tidus, Lulu and Kimahri Ronso. The Psyches lost that match, leaving the Aurochs to face the Luca Goers in the finals.

They are considered a ridiculously overpowered team when played against regularly in both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2'. Their goalie's CA stat is significantly higher than most player's SH.

Known playerssửa

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