The Besaid Aurochs are a blitzball team in Final Fantasy X that represent the island of Besaid. They were largely considered the worst team in Spira, and were mostly concerned with doing their best as opposed to winning.

When Tidus, a champion blitzer in Zanarkand, was transported to modern-day Spira, he joined the Aurochs and led them to the tournament finals against the best team in the league, the Luca Goers. It is not canonically known if the Aurochs won or lost that game, as that is decided by the player via winning or losing against the Goers during the tournament final in Luca. No matter the end result however, it doesn't affect the overall story of the game very much at all.

The Aurochs (with the exception of Tidus) wear golden yellow uniforms with black straps crossed in X's with black pants.

Known playerssửa

Note that the player has the opportunity to hire free agents from all over Spira, allowing the Aurochs' roster to change dramatically from its original formation. This list is based on those known within the story to have played for the Aurochs.


An auroch is an extinct species of bovine with resemblance to an ox.


Apart from Tidus, all the original Besaid Aurochs players at the beginning of Final Fantasy X have a double letter in their name.

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