Final Fantasy VII Boss
ボトムスウェル (Botomusuueru)
Level HP MP
23 2,500 100
Attack Magic Defense
42 30 36
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
96 69 1
550 52 1,000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
Immune Weak Halves - -
Location Junon
Steal Nothing
Item Dropped Power Wrist
Morph N/A
Abilities Bodyblow, Waterball, Big Wave, Moonstrike, Tail Attack
Enemy Skill N/A
Status Immunity Death, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Small, Slow Numb, Petrify, Death Sentence, Manipulate, Berserk, Paralyze, Stop
Other Information Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.
The party cannot escape, Bottomswell is long-range.
Tập tin:FFVII Waterball.png

The Bottomswell is a boss in Final Fantasy VII. A little girl called Priscilla is attacked by Bottomswell while playing with her dolphin in the lower section of Junon. After the boss' defeat, Cloud must perform CPR to bring Priscilla back to life.


Similar to Reno, Bottomswell can paralyze characters using Waterball and trapping them inside a Waterpolo, but they can be freed by casting a spell on the character. Bottomswell also uses a Big Wave attack to inflict mediocre damage on the entire party and is out of their range. Unless they have a Long Range Materia (one of which is conveniently located in the Mythril Mines prior to Junon), only Barret and Yuffie can attack Bottomswell physically, the other party members must use magic or Limit Breaks. If players are able to defeat Midgar Zolom prior to exploring the Mythril Mines, its powerful Beta attack makes Bottomswell much easier to defeat, as it inflicts 1,000 or more damage and can thus defeat Bottomswell in three hits.Make sure you keep your HP up as the end of the battle approaches because once Bottomswell is defeated, it will cast Big Wave in an attempt to take you down with it


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