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Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Earth/ Red Moon/
True Moon (IV)
Planet R (V)
World of Balance/
World of Ruin (VI)
The Planet (FFVII)
Final Fantasy VIII

Gaia/Terra (IX)
Spira (X, X-2)
Vana'diel (XI)
Ivalice (XII, RW, T, TA, TA2)
Gran Pulse/Cocoon (XIII)
Oriens (Agito XIII)
Hydaelyn (XIV)
Crystal Chronicles
Mystic Quest
Earth/Wonderland (Unlimited)
Earth (The Spirits Within)

The following is a list of locations in Gaia and Terra, the worlds of Final Fantasy IX.


Tập tin:FFIXmap-world.gif

Mist Continentsửa

Aerbs Mountainssửa

Alexandrian Kingdomsửa

Burmecian Kingdomsửa

Lindblum Kingdomsửa


Outer Continentsửa

Forgotten Continentsửa


Salvage Archipelagosửa

Lost Continentsửa



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