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Garment Grids, còn gọi là Result Plates trong bản tiếng Nhật, là một yếu tố quan trọng trong Final Fantasy X-2. Grids typically have a poetic name, which reflect the effects that can be activated when moving around the grid to change dresspheres. Also, a picture is featured in the background of a Grid, being either a location from the game, enemies, characters, or even references to the original Final Fantasy X.

A Garment Grid has several empty nodes which can be used for Dresspheres. It has innate abilities, such as Defense +5, Strength +5, which are temporarily assigned to your character while they have the Garment Grid equipped.

In battle, if a character decides to change her dressphere, the character can go from one node to another on the grid. Colored gates between the nodes are activated by passing between the nodes. Activating gates can add stat boosts or other effects for the duration of the current battle. Each battle, a character that links to all the nodes on their current dressphere can activate the character's Special Dressphere, which functions similarly to summons in other FF games, in that party members are replaced on the fighting field by the dressphere entity; unlike most other Aeons, GFs, et al, the Dressphere manifestations are manifold; each comprises a 'party' of three entities.

List Of Garment Gridssửa

Note: Gates are Yellow (Y), Blue (B), Red (R), and Green (G). Abilities can require activating specific gates (eg Y), or any one of multiple gates (eg B/R), or a specific combination of multiple gates (eg Y+B+R). Gates are never required to be activated in a specific order, however.

Special Gridssửa

There are grids that, although saved onto the game, can only be obtained through hacking:

  • Circle: Holds 8 dresspheres.
  • Triangle: Holds 10 dresspheres.
  • Maximum: Holds 12 dresspheres.
  • Infinity: Holds all 14 dresspheres.

First Stepssửa

Chapter 1: Obtained after the first mission.

Background: None.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: None

Tập tin:X2grid-first steps.gif


Any Chapter: On the airship, examine Shinra's tutorial on garment grids

Background: Besaid Beach.

Tập tin:X2grid-vanguard.gif

Bum Rushsửa

Chapter 2: Obtained on the Celsius automatically after acquiring three Syndicate uniforms

Background: Kilika.
  • Passive Abilities: Strength +10, Magic +10
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +10(Y/R), Magic +10(B/G)

Tập tin:X2grid-bum rush.gif

Undying Stormsửa

Chapter 3: Attempt "Machina Mayhem" mission in the Mi'ihen Highroad and destroy 7 or more machina gone crazy

Background: Luca.
  • Passive Abilities: Strength +15, Magic +15
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +15(Y/R), Magic +15(B/G)

Tập tin:X2grid-undying storm.gif

Flash of Steelsửa

Chapter 5: Must get Argent to level 5 publicity. After getting Episode Complete in the Calm Lands, talk to either Calm Skies attendants and select 'Trade in credits'. It appears as ???? in the menu and costs 200,000 credits, equaling 2,000,000 Gil

Background: ????
  • Passive Abilities: Strength +20, Magic +20
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +20(Y/R), Magic +20(B/G)

Tập tin:X2grid-flash of steel.gif

Protection Halosửa

Chapter 1: Must defeat Flame Dragon on Besaid Island

Background: Mi'ihen Highroad
  • Passive Abilities: Defense +5, Magic Defense +5
  • Gate Abilities: Defense +5(Y/B), Magic Defense +5(R/G)

Tập tin:X2grid-protection halo.gif

Hour of Needsửa

Chapter 2: Obtained after defeating Logos in the "Water we doing here?" mission in the Bikanel Oasis

Background: The Youth League Headquarters on Mushroom Rock.
  • Passive Abilities: Defense +10, Magic Defense +10
  • Gate Abilities: Defense +10(Y/B), Magic Defense +10(R/G),

Tập tin:X2grid-hour of need.gif

Unwavering Guardsửa

Chapter 3: Complete 'Pest Control' mission at Djose Temple

Background: Djose Temple.
  • Passive Abilities: Defense +15, Magic Defense +15
  • Gate Abilities: Defense +15(Y/B), Magic Defense +15(R/G)

Tập tin:X2grid-unwavering guard.gif

Valiant Lustresửa

Chapter 5: Defeat Humbaba in "A fallen genius?" mission in the Thunder Plains

Background: The Bevelle Underground.
  • Passive Abilities: Defense +20, Magic Defense +20
  • Gate Abilities: Defense +20(Y/B), Magic Defense +20(R/G)

Tập tin:X2grid-valiant lustre.gif

Highroad Windssửa

Chapters 2, 3, 5: Complete "Clean Sweep" mission in the Calm lands in what used to be the Monster Arena

Background: A Chocobo

Tập tin:X2grid-highroad winds.gif

Mounted Assaultsửa

Chapters 2, 3, 5: Chance to receive when a dispatched Chocobo fails to find anything else. Dispatch Chocobo with medium/low Heart Rate to unsuitable area to improve chance.

Background: A Chocobo of the Chocobo Knights.
  • Passive Abilities: First Strike
  • Gate Abilities: Slowproof(G), Stopproof(R), Use Hastega(Y), Auto Haste(G+R+Y+B)

Tập tin:X2grid-mounted assault.gif

Heart of Flamesửa

Chapter 1: Complete "Foggy Fiend Frenzy" mission at Mushroom Rock

Background: Ifrit's Fayth.

Tập tin:X2grid-heart of flame.gif

Ice Queensửa

Chapters 1, 2: Complete "Follow that O'aka" mission in Macalania

Background: Shiva's Fayth.

Tập tin:X2grid-ice queen.gif

Thunder Spawnsửa

Chapters 1, 2, 5: In Luca, at Dock 5, at the very end in a chest (It is harder to find in Chapter 5 as the view is compromised)

Background: Ixion's Fayth.

Tập tin:X2grid-thunder spawn.gif

Menace of the Deepsửa

Chapter 1: In the "Awesome Sphere" mission at Kilika, use the passwords correctly without fighting any guards

Background: A Geo.

Tập tin:X2grid-menace of the deep.gif


Chapters 2, 3, 5: Go to 'Bevelle - Forbidden Area'. When you enter the screen labeled 'Bevelle - Labyrinth', walk to the first crossroad and take the right junction. Cross the gape and you'll find a chest

Background: A Spellspinner.
  • Passive Abilities: Gravity Eater
  • Gate Abilities: Gravitystrike(G), Use Demi(R), Double HP(G+R+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-downtrodder.gif

Sacred Beastsửa

Chapter 5: Get an Episode Complete on Mt. Gagazet

Background: A Sacred Beast.
  • Passive Abilities: Holy Eater
  • Gate Abilities: Use Holystrike(G), Holy(Y+B+R+G)

Tập tin:X2grid-sacred beast.gif

Tetra Mastersửa

Chapters 3, 5: Rescue all 15 people in 'Tourist Trap' subquest in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands, then defeat a familiar enemy in the back chamber

Background: A Chimera.
  • Passive Abilities: Tetrastrike
  • Gate Abilities: Fire Eater(G), Ice Eater(R), Lightning Eater(Y), Water Eater(B)

Tập tin:X2grid-tetra master.gif

Restless Sleepsửa

Chapter 1: After "Foggy Fiend Frenzy" on Mushroom Rock Road, go to Youth League HQ. It's on the east side of the map, on a tight path; jump down

Background: A Malboro.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Sleep, Use Bio
  • Gate Abilities: Silenceproof(G), Silencetouch(G+R), Poisonproof(Y), Poisontouch(Y+B)

Tập tin:X2grid-restless sleep.gif

Still of Nightsửa

Chapter 1: Dig up the yellow X in "Can You Dig It" subquest in Bikanel, after getting the letter of introduction from Gippal in Djose Temple

Background: A Zu.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Silence, Use Blind
  • Gate Abilities: Silenceproof(G), Silencetouch(GR), Poisonproof(Y), Poisontouch(YB)

Tập tin:X2grid-still of the night.gif

Mortal Coilsửa

Chapters 2, 3, 5: Get a high score of 1150 in the minigame "Gunner's Gauntlet" on Besaid Island

Background: A Basilisk.
  • Passive Abilities: Itchproof
  • Gate Abilities: Curseproof (G), Stoneproof(R), Stonetouch(Y), Use Break(B)

Tập tin:X2grid-mortal coil.gif

Raging Giantsửa

Chapter 3: Obtain second set of four ciphers on Besaid Island and unlock the second door found in dungeon; the chest at the very end of the path

Background: An Iron Giant
  • Passive Abilities: Use Confuse
  • Gate Abilities: Confuseproof(G), Confusetouch(G+R), Berserkproof(Y), Berserktouch(Y+B)

Tập tin:X2grid-raging giant.gif

Bitter Farewellsửa

Chapter 2: After completing "Track down the troupe" subquest in Macalania, talk to the Hypello near the southern entrance of the Macalania Woods

Background: A Coeurl
  • Passive Abilities: Use Death, Use Doom
  • Gate Abilities: Deathproof(G), Deathtouch(GR), Doomproof(Y), Doomtouch(YB)

Tập tin:X2grid-bitter farewell.gif

Selene Guardsửa

Chapter 2: In the "Cuckoo for Chocobos" mission on the Mi'ihen Highroad, when given word that Calli is in danger, make it to the point of impact BEFORE the time limit expires; defeating the boss at the end

Background: A Flan.

Tập tin:X2grid-selene guard.gif

Helios Guardsửa

Chapter 1: In the 'Shave the Hypello' mission in the Moonflow, escort the assistant all the way to Tobli without losing any luggage

Background: A Behemoth

Tập tin:X2grid-helios guard.gif

Shining Mirrorsửa

Chapter 2: Must have sided with New Yevon; Go to Mushroom Rock Road and defeat Elma

Background: A Bomb.

Tập tin:X2grid-shining mirror.gif


Chapter 2: In Luca, be interviewed by Shelinda

Background: A Revenant.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Use Drain(B), Use Osmose(R)

Tập tin:X2grid-covetous.gif

Disaster in Bloomsửa

Chapter 5: Must get Open Air to level 5 publicity. After getting Episode Complete in Calm Lands, talk to either Calm Skies attendants and select 'Trade in credits'. It appears as ???? in the menu and costs 200,000 credits, equaling 2,000,000 Gil

Background: An Ochu.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Sleeptouch(G), Silencetouch(R), Darktouch(Y), Poisontouch(B), Stonetouch(G+R+Y+B)

Tập tin:X2grid-disaster in bloom.gif


Chapter 5: Get an Episode Complete in Bevelle by talking to Maroda on the Highbridge. Completing the Via Infinito and defeating Paragon and Trema is not required.

Background: A Worm.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Sleepproof/Poisonproof(G), Silenceproof/Darkproof(R), Confuseproof/Berserkproof(Y), Curseproof/Itchproof(B)

Tập tin:X2grid-scourgebane.gif

Healing Windsửa

Chapter 1: Complete 'Behind the scenes' mission in Luca

Background: The Moonflow.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Cure
  • Gate Abilities: Use Cura(B), Use Curaga(BR)

Tập tin:X2grid-healing wind.gif

Heart Rebornsửa

Chapter 1: When doing 'Claim the treasure sphere' mission in Zanarkand, choose the last option when asked 'what is the meaning of life?'

Background: The Chateau LeBlanc at Guadosalam.

Tập tin:X2grid-heart reborn.gif

Healing Lightsửa

Chapter 2: Defeat Leblanc syndicate for good during "Faking and entering" mission in Guadosalam

Background: The Thunder Plains.

Tập tin:X2grid-healing light.gif

Immortal Soulsửa

Chapter 5: Defeat a familiar enemy before entering the Farplane Abyss

Background: A Spring in Macalania Woods.

Tập tin:X2grid-immortal soul.gif


Chapter 3: Defeat Garik on Mt. Gagazet

Background: Bikanel.
  • Passive Abilities: HP Stroll, Use Regen
  • Gate Abilities: Use Curaga(G), Auto-Regen(GR)

Tập tin:X2grid-wishbringer.gif

Strength of Onesửa

Chapters 2, 3, 5: Chance to receive when a dispatched Chocobo fails to find anything else. Dispatch Chocobo with medium/low Heart Rate to unsuitable areas to improve chance.

Background: Bevelle.
  • Passive Abilities: Strength +10
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +15(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-strength of one.gif

Seething Cauldronsửa

Chapter 2: Complete 'YRP, the scalpers three' subquest in the Moonflow by selling all tickets and making a profit

Background: The Calm Lands.
  • Passive Abilities: Magic +10
  • Gate Abilities: Magic +15(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-seething cauldron.gif


Chapter 2: Defeat Ormi on Mt Gagazet for the Syndicate Uniform.

Background: Mt. Gagazet.
  • Passive Abilities: Defense +10
  • Gate Abilities: Defense +15(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-stonehewn.gif

Enigma Platesửa

Chapters 2, 3, 5: Get a score of 500 or more in the minigame "Gunner's Gauntlet" on Besaid Island

Background: Zanarkand Dome.
  • Passive Abilities: Magic Defense +10
  • Gate Abilities: Magic Defense +15(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-enigma plate.gif

Howling Windsửa

Chapter 3: Complete 'Track down the troupe' subquest in Macalania in ch2 by finding ALL FIVE musicians. In ch3 go to 'MW - spring 2' and talk with all three small musicians for something to appear. Examine this

Background: Mt. Gagazet Floating Ruins
  • Passive Abilities: Agility +5
  • Gate Abilities: Agility +5(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-howling wind.gif

Ray of Hopesửa

Chapter 5: Get an episode complete in Macalania Woods

Background: The original map of Spira found in Final Fantasy X.
  • Passive Abilities: Luck +30
  • Gate Abilities: Luck +30(R), Luck +30(G), Luck +30(Y), Luck +30(B)

Tập tin:X2grid-ray of hope.gif

Pride of the Swordsửa

Chapter 3: Complete 'Protect the agency' subquest in Macalania

Background: Valefor's Fayth.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Swordplay abilities (see Warrior)
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +15(G/R/Y/B), Swordplay Wait Down(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-pride of the sword.gif

Samurai's Honorsửa

Chapters 2, 3: Calibrate at least five towers perfectly in the Thunder plains; MUST attempt all ten of them

Background: Yojimbo's Fayth.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Bushido abilities (see Samurai)
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +15(G/R/Y/B), Bushido Wait Down(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-samurais honor.gif

Blood of the Beastsửa

Chapter 3: Must have sided with New Yevon; visit 'Bevelle - Limbo' BEFORE completing Besaid and Kilika storyline missions. Talk to Pacce, choose [Go for it.]

Background: A Blade.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Instinct abilities (see Berserker)
  • Gate Abilities: Strength +15(R/G/B/Y), Instinct Wait Down(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-blood of the beast.gif

Chaos Maelstromsửa

Chapters 3, 5: Find 13 Squatter monkeys in Kilika woods, then find and talk to woman in the southeast corner of the dock

Background: Anima's Fayth.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Arcana abilities (see Dark Knight)
  • Gate Abilities: Magic +15(R/G/B/Y), Arcana Wait Down(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-chaos maelstrom.gif

White Signetsửa

Chapters 3, 5: In Luca, challenge woman with a dog to Sphere Break. Make a combo with a coin with the item or rare-item trait and you may win this

Background: The Fayth of the Magus Sisters.
  • Passive Abilities: Use White Magic abilities (see White Mage)
  • Gate Abilities: Magic +15(R/G/B/Y), White Magic Wait Down(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-white signet.gif

Black Tabbardsửa

Chapter 4: Complete the mission "Where's Tobli"

Background: Bahamut's Fayth.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Black Magic abilities (see Black Mage)
  • Gate Abilities: Magic +15(R/G/B/Y), Black Magic Wait Down(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-black tabbard.gif

Mercurial Strikesửa

Chapter 5: Defeat Angra Mainyu in the Bikanel Desert

Background: An Ogre.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Swordplay Wait Down(R), Bushido Wait Down(G), Instinct Wait Down(Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-mercurial strike.gif

Tricks of the Tradesửa

Chapter 5: Get an Episode Complete in Kilika.

Background: A Doomstone.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Black Magic Wait Down(R), White Magic wait down(Y), Arcana wait down(G)

Tập tin:X2grid-tricks of the trade.gif

Horn of Plentysửa

Chapter 5: Send a chocobo of any level to Bikanel Desert. It will run away, but unlock the central expanse. Find the "Desert key" in this area by digging at white X spots. Unlock the chest in Al Bhed camp

Background: A Treasure Chest.

Tập tin:X2grid-horn of plenty.gif

Treasure Huntsửa

Chapters 3, 5: In Luca challenge Shinra to Sphere Break. Make a combo with a coin with the item or rare-item trait and you may win this

Background: The Fahrenheit.
  • Passive Abilities: Mug
  • Gate Abilities: Double Items(R)

Tập tin:X2grid-treasure hunt.gif

Tempered Willsửa

Chapter 5: Must have stopped Garik in ch3; Must have found Lian and Ayde in ch2 (Calm Lands) and CH3 (Thunder Plains); Get Episode Complete in Guadosalam, then talk to Tromell to get access to the locked house

Background: An Adamantoise.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Double HP (G), Double MP(R)

Tập tin:X2grid-tempered will.gif

Covenant of Growthsửa

Chapter 5: Challenge and win against Frailea in Bikanel in the Cactuar Hollow

Background: A Cactuar.
  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: Double AP (B), Double EXP(Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-covenant of growth.gif

Salvation Promisedsửa

Chapter 5: In the Thunder Plains, kill Humbaba, then enter the 'Thunder plains - new cave' and rescue Cid; return to the new cave explore; chest is before 16th door

Background: High Summoner Gandof.
  • Passive Abilities: Use White Magic abilities (see White Mage)
  • Gate Abilities: Use Auto-Life(R+G+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-salvation promised.gif


Chapter 5: Must have found Lian and Ayde in Calm Lands in ch2; Must have advised Lian and Ayde in the Thunder Plains in ch3; send them wherever; Must have viewed a CommSphere event from the area where you sent them to, which will give an update on how successful they were; Get Episode Complete on Mt. Gagazet, then return to Kimahri's statue and talk to Lian and Ayde.

Background: Evrae.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Black Magic abilities (see Black Mage)
  • Gate Abilities: Use Flare(R+G+B)

Tập tin:X2grid-conflagration.gif

Supreme Lightsửa

Chapter 5: Obtain all 10 Crimson Spheres and enter Den of Woe in Mushroom Rock; defeat all bosses

Background: High Summoner Ohalland.
  • Passive Abilities: Use White Magic abilities (see White Mage)
  • Gate Abilities: Use Auto-Life(G), Use Holy(R+G+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-supreme light.gif


Chapter 5: Must have defeated the boss of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth subquest in ch3 or ch5; Travel to 'Farplane - Abyss' using all five routes in any order

Background: Ultima Weapon.
  • Passive Abilities: Use Black Magic abilities (see Black Mage)
  • Gate Abilities: Use Flare(G), use Ultima(R+G+Y)


Unerring Pathsửa

Chapters 1, 2: Automatically acquired When first special dressphere is found

Background: High Summoner Yocun.
  • Passive Abilities: None, but allows quicker access to special dressphere in battle
  • Gate Abilities: None

Tập tin:X2grid-unerring path.gif

Font of Powersửa

Chapter 5: Complete 'Fiend Colony' dungeon on Mi'ihen Road by killing the boss; Access the fiend colony by dispatching a Lv5 chocobo to Mi'ihen. Clasko will say it uncovered a secret dungeon

Background: High Summoner Braska.
  • Passive Abilities: Half MP cost
  • Gate Abilities: Magic +15, 1 MP Cost (R+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid-font of power.gif

Higher Powersửa

Chapter 5: Complete the Ruin Depths dungeon in the Calm Lands, found inside the Chocobo Ranch

Background: Yunalesca.

Tập tin:X2grid-higher power.gif

The Endsửa

Any Chapter: Oversoul every oversoulable monster in the game, then talk to Shinra on the Celsius and enter Shinra's Bestiary

Background: Sin.
  • Passive Abilities: Break HP Limit
  • Gate Abilities: Break Damage Limit (GR), Finale (99,999 damage on condition the user has not run from any battle, otherwise strength-based)(R+G+B+Y)

Tập tin:X2grid the end.gif


These four Garment Grids are only found in the International Version.

Proceeding Onsửa

Any Chapter: Beat Regular Cup 3 times.

Vile Fiendsửa

Any Chapter: Beat Large Hard Cup once.

  • Passive Abilities: Itchproof
  • Gate Abilities: Poisonproof and Sleepproof (R), Stoneproof and Deathproof (G), Confuseproof and Berserkproof (Y) Silenceproof and Darkproof (B), Ribbon (Proof Ability) (R+G+B+Y)

Something Uniquesửa

Any Chapter: Beat Aeon Cup 3 times.

  • Passive Abilities: None
  • Gate Abilities: All Physical Critical (R), Magic Booster (G), Auto-Haste (B), Break Damage Limit (Y)

Last Resortsửa

Any Chapter: Release Strongest Shinra after completing his storyline.


  • Garment grids also seem to impart traits of the previous users to the current one. In the opening movie, LeBlanc attempts to usurp Yuna's place on stage. Wearing Yuna's songstress dressphere, she looks exactly like Yuna; after LeBlanc gives back the garment grid, her appearance changes back to normal. Shuyin acts towards Yuna, who is wearing Lenne's dressphere, as though she were his lost love.

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