FFIX Hilda

Công nương Hilda.

"Dreadfully sorry, my sugar cup, but I surrendered your favorite airship to a man named Kuja."
—Lady Hilda

Công nương Hildagarde Fabool (ヒルダガルデ・ファブール, Hirudagarude Fabūru?) là một nhân vật không điều khiển được trong Final Fantasy IX. Bà là vợ của Nhiếp Chính Cid Fabool IX, người cai quản Lindblum và được gọi là "Công nương Hilda". Hilda's love for Regent Cid is evident, as she affectionately call her husband pet names such as "froggy-woggy", "sugar cup", and "darling".


Cảnh báo: bên dưới là những điều mà tiết lộ trước sẽ làm mất thú vị khi chơi game, chỉ nên đọc khi đã chơi qua một lần. (Bỏ qua đoạn này)

Hilda leaves Cid following the revelation that he was having an affair with a waitress. In her anger, she transforms him into an Oglop and leaves using his new hybrid airship, the Hilda Garde I that can fly without mist. Kuja abducts her because he needs the steam-powered airship to reach the other continents. Zidane later rescues her and Hilda is reunited with Cid and turns him back into a human. She also informs the party of Kuja's plan to return to Terra and tells the party the whereabouts of Ipsen's Castle.

At the end of the story, Cid and Hilda adopt Eiko as their own daughter.


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