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Kana イングズ
Romaji Inguzu
Tuổi About 16 - 18
Quê quán Castle Sasune
Nơi gặp Castle Sasune
Nhân vật trong Final Fantasy III
"A loyal soldier of King Sasune's army, he narrowly escaped the Djinn's curse. His prime concern is finding the missing Princess Sara."
Final Fantasy III instruction manual

Ingus is one of the main characters in the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy III. Though he has no set Job class, in the opening FMV, he is portrayed as a Red Mage.

PersonalitySửa đổi

Ingus is very noble and chivalrous, as the typical knight usually is. In the game, he is described to have the light of determination. He speaks in a very elegant and formal manner. Ingus is almost opposite in personality to Luneth, as he usually likes to inspect the situation before jumping in, while Luneth is more impulsive. He shows feelings for Princess Sara several times during the story, but he is just a knight, and he knows his place. However, Princess Sara wants to stay with him during the ending sequence, to which he does not object.

StorySửa đổi

Ingus is a soldier who has sworn allegiance to the King of Sasune. Because he was out training, he managed to narrowly avoid the Djinn's curse. When he returned, he noticed Luneth and the rest of the party, and joined forces with them. After removing the curse, he realizes he must stay with the other three, as the world depends on it.

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