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"Rate hike! Rate hike! Tra, la, la! And please include our Space Program in the budget!"

Palmer (パルマー Parumā) is the miserably incompetent head of Shinra's failed Space Program, a childish, cowardly, and overweight man who loves to drink tea with liberal amounts of sugar, honey, and lard. He is first seen during the Executive meeting on floor 66 of the Shinra Headquarters where he asks that his Space Program benefit from the Mako rate hike that President Shinra wants to enforce. Following Sephiroth's rampage he is seen cowering in fear. He later goes with Rufus to Rocket Town to steal Cid's plane, the Tiny Bronco.

Although he is hit by a truck as he tries to escape Cloud and company, he, along with Reeve and Rufus, is one of the few Shinra executives to survive the events of Final Fantasy VII. Palmer set the rocket in Rocket Town to auto-pilot to collide with the Meteor, which caused Cid, Cloud, and the other party members to use the escape pod to leave the rocket after acquiring the Huge Materia. However, he has yet to make any further appearances in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.


Bài viết chính: Palmer (Boss)

Palmer is fought as a boss in Rocket Town.


  • Shortly after Palmer is defeated, he narrowly manages to evade being chopped to bits by the Tiny Bronco. This is similar to a scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark where a German mechanic is chopped to bits by a Luftwaffe Flying Wing's propeller during a fight with Indiana Jones.

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