"Magic" used by ordinary people is actually "para-magic." In essence, it is a technique which involves controlling energy."

Para-Magic is the term used to define the "magic used by regular humans" in Final Fantasy VIII. In this game, magic may only be used naturally by a Sorceress, or through the use of a Limit Break or a summoned Guardian Force.

Because ordinary people cannot use magic without the use of one of these, Dr. Odine developed Para-Magic. By studying a Sorceress, he was able to divine a way to manipulate energy to replicate spells. To do this, the would-be spellcaster must "Draw" a specific spell from an enemy, or from a Draw Point. Using this drawn energy, that person may manipulate the energy in the battlefield to cast the spell.

Drawn spells may be junctioned to a Guardian Force to increase stats. Balamb Garden is known to use this method, teaching it to all its SeeD cadets.

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