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Red XIII Nomura art
Artwork vẽ bởi Tetsuya Nomura
A.K.A. Nanaki
Kana レッドXIII, 『ナナキ』
Romaji Reddo XIII, Nanaki
Vũ khí Headdresses
Ultimate Weapon Limited Moon
Nơi sinh Cosmo Canyon
Ngày sinh 1959, ngày cụ thể không rõ
Tuổi 48 (15 - 16 theo cách tính của quê hương)
Chiều cao 3'9" [1]
Nhóm máu Không rõ
Lồng tiếng
Masachika Ichimura
Lồng tiếng
Liam O'Brien
Nhân Vật Trong Final Fantasy VII
"Như cái tên của mình được nhấn mạnh rõ, Red XIII là một loài thú với một bộ lông màu đỏ lửa. Dưới ngoại hình bên ngoài hung tợn là một trí thông minh hơn bất kì một con người nào..."
—Mô tả

Red XIII, tên thật là Nanaki, là một loài thú có dáng vẻ của một chú sư tử màu đỏ và là một trong những nhân vật điều khiển được trong Final Fantasy VII. Red XIII được đặt tên khi được làm mẫu vật để được nghiên cứu khi bị giam giữ bởi Giáo sư Hojo. Theo tuổi của con người thì Red XIII đã được 48 nhưng theo tuổi của giống loài của mình thì chỉ mới có 15-16 tuổi, thêm vào đó vô cùng thông minh. Red XIII chiến đấu cùng Cloud và đồng đội để hoàn thành trách nhiệm bảo vệ Planet như một chiến binh thật sự.

Ngoại hình và tính cáchsửa

Cloud & Red XIII 2

Artwork vẽ bởi Yoshitaka Amano.

Red XIII is a quadrupedal animal with thick dark red and orange fur with a thin brown mane extending partway down his back. His right eye has a scar running through it, and the remaining eye is ochre in color. He is otherwise adorned with a variety of beads, earrings and feathers around his head, with golden pastern braces and brands on his legs. One of these brands is the roman numeral "XIII", hence his codename. He also has a flaming tail.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Red XIII's appearance is that it is never stated exactly what he is. It is known that his species is very long lived, and he had two parents who perished, and he is one of the last of his kind. He appears to be a feline, somewhat similar to a lion, and official sources refer to him as a feline. Reno even states in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- that Red XIII "looks like a lion", and in Advent Children, Red XIII can be heard roaring like a lion as well. However, his overall movements along with his howling and lunar relation appear to be canine, and at another point in Advent Children, he can be heard making a very canine-sounding yelp as he hits the ground after Bahamut SIN shakes him off. At one point in the original Final Fantasy VII he is also being referred to as a dog by a little girl in Costa del Sol the first time the party gets there. His species has never been conclusively identified as feline or canine, or even named, and the mystery has thus far been unanswered.

Red XIII has the dubious distinction of being the least featured of the playable cast of Final Fantasy VII in other media, so at times his character can be difficult to discern. What is certain is that he has a strong sense of honor and courage, especially regarding his father, who he believed was a coward who abandoned his tribe. He is polite, curious and observant, with something of a distaste for humans which may stem from Shinra's treatment of him. He is highly intelligent, as should be indicated by his ability to speak articulately, and he knows much about the planet due to his being raised at Cosmo Canyon. However, he can still be very feral and bestial when called upon. Red XIII's novella in On the Way to a Smile expands on this duality, showing Red XIII torn between living like an animal or a human, as he does not fully belong in either world.


Cảnh báo: bên dưới là những điều mà tiết lộ trước sẽ làm mất thú vị khi chơi game, chỉ nên đọc khi đã chơi qua một lần. (Bỏ qua đoạn này)

Ra đờisửa

Red XIII ra đời tại Cosmo Canyon bởi người mẹ không rõ tên và cha Seto của mình. Cùng vào năm đó, Seto bỏ đi, và Red XIII cho rằng ông đã bỏ đi trước cuộc xâm chiếm của Gi Tribe. Thực tế, Seto đã hi sinh thân mình để ngăn chặn cuộc tấn công bất ngờ của tộc Gi thông qua đường hầm ở dưới Cosmo Canyon. Khi mẹ mình qua đời, Red XIII được nuôi dưỡng dưới lão làng của Cosmo Canyon tên là Bugenhagen và Red XIII coi như là ông của mình, mặc dù theo quan hệ huyết thống thì không phải như vậy.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-sửa


Một năm trước những sự kiện của Final Fantasy VII vào 10/10/0006, Red XIII tham gia vào một cuộc hiến tế để Planet có thể nguôi ngoai diễn ra 50 năm một lần, nhưng đây là sự tham gia bất đắc dĩ vì Red không công nhận bản thân mình là một chiến binh. Một thành viên khác cùng bộ tộc của mình, Deneh, là người đồng hành khác giới của Red XIII trong cuộc hiến tế, nhưng Red XIII nhận được lời nhận xét là "một tên hèn nhát". Khi đội Turks đến để bắt một người trong tộc để làm vật thí nghiệm cho Giáo sư Hojo, Red XIII tấn công và cứu Deneh để chứng minh mình là một chiến binh thực sự nhưng lại bị đánh bại. Đội Turks cho phép Red XIII có thể hoàn thành cuộc hiến tế trước khi quay về Midgar.

Final Fantasy VIIsửa


Red XIII's battle render in Final Fantasy VII.

Red XIII joins Cloud's group sometime in December 0007 after being rescued from the Shinra HQ. They encounter him right as an experiment involving he and Aeris is taking place, in which Hojo is trying to coerce them to mate in order to "preserve" their species (Aeris being a Cetra), and provide him with new specimens to be used in his experiments. At some point during his captivity, Hojo placed a tattoo of the Roman numeral XIII on his left front leg. Red XIII later believes the tattoo means that Hojo has injected him with Jenova cells in an attempt to create another Sephiroth Clone, but is unsure. In actuality, the tattoo is from an unrelated experiment, as evidenced by the fact that Red XIII was captured by Hojo more than three years after all of the other Sephiroth Clones were created, and confirmed by the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega.

After being freed by Cloud's group, Red XIII remarks that the name was a designation given to him by Hojo, and has no consequence to him, so they could call him what they wished. After escaping from Midgar, he also says to the party that he will only stay with them until they reach Cosmo Canyon.

Until returning to Cosmo Canyon, Red XIII does not discuss of his past. After arriving there and meeting with Bugenhagen, it is revealed that Red XIII's true name is "Nanaki", and despite being 48 years in age, he is really only the equivalent about 16 in his species' years. After Bugenhagen hears Red XIII's remarks towards his own father, whom he believes is a coward, Bugenhagen invites him and the party to enter a sealed cavern within Cosmo Canyon.


Red XIII in a full motion video, during the ending of Final Fantasy VII.

As Cloud's party travels through the cavern, Bugenhagen explains it is haunted by the ghosts of the Gi Tribe, a faction of tribal warriors who laid siege to Cosmo Canyon, and that their anger prevents their souls from assimilating into the Lifestream. Once they reach the end of the cavern, the party encounters a very powerful spirit which has dwelled there for some time with intense hatred and fight a tough battle against it. After it is defeated, a back entrance to Cosmo Canyon is made accessible. Here, Bugenhagen explains that the Gi Tribe greatly outnumbered the forces of Cosmo Canyon and had tried to enter through this back pathway.

On a ledge overlooking the entrance to the cave, Red XIII discovers his father Seto, alone, stood his ground and fought the Gi. After victory, though, the poisoned arrows of the Gi Tribe took their toll on Seto and turned his body to stone, which still stood there protecting the canyon. Absolved of his shame for his father, Red XIII vows to become a great warrior like his father, and howls at the moon while Seto's petrified remains shed tears.

Later in the game, Bugenhagen joins the party to visit the Forgotten Capital and unveils to them the nature of Holy. After returning to Cosmo Canyon and the defeat of the Diamond Weapon, he falls into a serious illness. Red XIII runs to him, and the party stays back to leave them alone. Bugenhagen tells Nanaki that there is so much more to life than that which is within Cosmo Canyon and he should survey the world itself and all its unique facets to gain the true knowledge he mentioned in their last meeting. Bugenhagen then passes away and Nanaki takes up a resolve to protect the planet, and the things that make it up as that was what constitutes his knowledge and concept of life itself.

Red XIII then takes part in the attack on the Northern Crater with the rest of the party, defeating Sephiroth in later January 0008. He watches with the rest of the party as Meteor destroys Midgar and then is stopped by the power of the Holy and the Lifestream.


In On the Way to a Smile, Red XIII was mentioned in Case of Barret when Cid said he got visits from him often.

Red XIII is the center character in Case of Red XIII. Upon returning home, Red XIII — now called Nanaki by everyone, including his former comrades — vows to follow Bugenhagen's wishes by traveling the Planet to observe all life he can and teach others what he learns. After he leaves however, a void begins to grow in his heart — he dubs this void "Gilligan" for the sake of helping to remember it. During his travels, he struggles with being a beast and acting like a human, as well as his long life when means he will experience a great deal of loss. Eventually, Vincent tells him that "Gilligan" is his fear of loss and the loneliness that will come with living his long life. Vincent gives Nanaki some encouragement, saying that one day, he may even have children of his own to keep him from being lonely. Vincent then informs him that he is immortal, meaning that he will be living longer than even Nanaki would. The two agree to meet at Midgar every year for the remainder of Nanaki's life, where he will tell Vincent the stories of his travels.

Nanaki also appears in the latter part of Case of Yuffie, assisting Yuffie in rescuing Yuri from a cave after it overflows with Lifestream tainted with Geostigma. He mentions during this time he acquired a cellphone while visiting Midgar to keep in touch with the other party members, though he has difficulty using it. Nanaki later leaves Wutai, but returns on the Shera to help Yuffie continue to search for a cure for Geostigma.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Childrensửa

Redxiii advent children

Red XIII in Advent Children.

Ở đoạn intro, một chú sư tử đỏ xuất hiện và chính đó là Red XIII (hình xăm của Red XIII cũng xuất hiện). Red XIII đồng hành cùng cới hai thành viên nhỏ tuổi cùng trong bộ tộc của mình chạy trên dải đất cằn cỗi. Cùng đó khi Edge bị tấn công bới Bahamut SIN vào 0009, Red XIII đi cùng Cait Sith trên lưng và sử dụng những móng vuốt của mình để chiến đấu. Về sau phim, Red XIII xuất hiện trên chiếc Shera và nhà thờ của Aerith. Red XIII chỉ có một dòng hội thoại về những đứa trẻ vẫn còn dấu hiệu của Geostigma.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-sửa


Red XIII trong Dirge of Cerberus.

Có một cảnh toàn bộ nhân vật xuất hiện ở Midgar nhưng không có sự hiện diện của Red XIII. Tuy nhiên, người chơi sẽ gặp được Red XIII đang nằm nghỉ ngơi cạnh Shelke ở bên ngoài 7th Heaven tại phần ending của game.

498 năm sau sửa

Sau ph
ần credits của Final Fantasy VII và mở đầu của Advent Children là quang cảnh rạng rỡ của 498 năm về sau. Một Nanaki trưởng thành đồng hành cùng với hai chú sư tử nhỏ, ngụ ý rằng Nanaki đã kết hôn cùng với Deneh hay là một cô gái có cùng giống loài với mình, đang chạy nhanh qua hẻm núi để leo được đến đỉnh của phía vách đá. Tại đây, cả ba đứng ngước nhìn những tàn tích của Midgar được phủ kín rong rêu và những cây đại thụ. Một đàn chim đang lượn trên bầu trơi nhưng điểu bí ẩn là liệu loài người còn tồn tại ở đây không. Tuy nhiên những tiếng cười vang vọng lại khi màn hình chỉ còn là màu đen. Tiếng cười từ đâu tới, đó là điều phụ thuộc vào suy nghĩ của người chơi.

Equipment and Statssửa

FF7 Mythril clip

Like Cloud, Red XIII is a well-rounded attacker who uses hairclips to enhance his fighting abilities. His hairpins all have decent power and many boost his magic power. His ultimate weapon, the Limited Moon, does more damage the more MP he has. This makes Red XIII a good choice for the "HP <-> MP" Materia, which swaps his HP and MP, allowing him to easily get several thousand MP and do 9,999 damage per hit. Another weapon of note is the Seraph Comb, obtained after the Cave of the Gi. With 68 battle power, it is the strongest weapon in the game up until that point, and most other characters do not acquire weapons of equal power until the Temple of the Ancients and after.

Limit Breakssửa

Bài viết chính: Limit (Final Fantasy VII)#Red XIII

Red XIII's lower-level Limit Breaks involve him increasing his stats, particularly through the use of Haste, which boosts his speed. His later Limit Breaks hit multiple enemies, and his ultimate Limit Break, Cosmo Memory, hits all enemies for 8x damage, allowing it to easily do 9,999 damage at a relatively low level.

Trận đấusửa

Bài viết chính: Nanaki (Boss)

Nanaki là một Boss trong Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. First Ở Chương 18 trong Training Mode.


Red XIII Sketch

Conceptual art of an elderly Red XIII and his cubs, seen in the game's ending, by Tetsuya Nomura.

Red XIII was originally designed as a beast-type SOLDIER capable of using magic and understanding human language. He would have been a protector of the Buga tribe, to which Bugenhagen belonged, and his father Seto would have been his predecessor before he fled, making Red XIII contemptuous of his father. In the final product, Red XIII's tribe is not named, but otherwise he is roughly the same as originally conceived. When he was first drawn, Nomura chose the name "Red XIII", as he wanted a name that did not sound like a name, so he combined a color with the number "13", which is believed to be unlucky. Other staff members later assigned Red XIII's true name as "Nanaki".

Red XIII was also planned to be the focus on a sub-plot which was cut from the game. After being captured by Shinra, Hojo would have produced several clones of Red XIII, which would have had blue and purple fur and been named Cobalt XIV and Indigo XV, respectively. After defeating them, the party would be confronted by two more clones, and a battle would ensue where the party would fight both the clones and the real Red XIII, and be forced to figure out which was the real thing and avoid killing him. Though the clones would be defeated, Red XIII would have the party spare them, as he is the last of his kind beyond them. Cobalt XIV and Indigo XV would later reappear in the final dungeon partially mechanized, determined to prove themselves superior to the original Red XIII.

During early plans for the game, Red XIII was to have the "Beast" Job Class.

Nhạc nềnsửa

"Red XIII's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII''
Music-harp Tập tin:FFVII - Red XIII's Theme.ogg
Đợi lâu quá mà không nghe được ?

"Red XIII's Theme" (レッドXIIIのテーマ Reddo XIII no Tēma) được nghe thấy khiRed XIII giới thiệu bản thân sau trận đấu với Sample:H0512. Hơn nữa, "Cosmo Canyon" (星降る峡谷 Hoshi Furu Kyōkoku) và "The Great Warrior" (偉大なる戦士 Idai naru Senshi) đều có giai điệu khá giống với "Red XIII's Theme." Cả hai bài được phát lần lượt khi cả đội ở tại Cosmo Canyon và khi Red XIII nhìn thấy Seto hóa đá.




Ehrgeiz's Django.

  • In the fighting game Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring, a game with playable characters from Final Fantasy VII, the second-to-last boss, Django, bears a striking resemblance to Red XIII in his alternate "outfit". He even employs attacks which are references to Red XIII and his father's names; Seto Punch, Seto Low Punch, Seto Combination, Nanaki Kick, and Nanaki Combination. Two of his attacks are named after Red XIII's Limit Breaks: Sled Fang and Blood Fang.
  • Of all the player characters of Final Fantasy VII, Red XIII receives the least screen time in Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. This is because his fur makes him extremely difficult and costly to animate.
  • Red XIII is the only quadrupedal playable character in the main Final Fantasy series.
  • Red XIII makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals.


  1. Square Electronic Arts, ed (1997). Final Fantasy VII North American instruction manual. Square Electronic Arts. pg 9. SCUS-94163.

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