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Kana レフィア
Romaji Refia
Tuổi About 15 - 17
Quê quán Kazus
Nơi gặp Cid's airship
Nhân vật trong Final Fantasy III
"Raised in Kazus by the mythril smith Takka, whose rigorous training led her to run away from home... again."
Final Fantasy III instruction manual

Refia is a playable character from the remake of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. She is the only playable female in the game, setting her apart from the other three party members. She is the typical cheerful female character. In the opening FMV, Refia is seen as a White Mage.

PersonalitySửa đổi

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Instead of serving as a love interest, Refia is a very motherly character toward the male characters, and often lectures them. An example of this is when Desch dreams about meeting exotic women now that they have acquired the Enterprise. Refia responds to this with outrage, thinking that Desch would just leave Salina while she is lovesick and unhappy, even saying that she had a good mind to say all this to Salina. This causes Desch to retract his statement by saying he was only kidding.

In the game, she is described as the keeper of the light of affection. Refia also does not seem to like frogs, which is brought up at certain times throughout the adventure. When the party needed to transform into frogs to travel certain watery dungeons, she was against the idea, though she had no choice but to follow. She also seems to be at odds with Luneth, since she is seen showing signs of irritation when he is overly casual with Princess Sara.

StorySửa đổi

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Refia was raised by the Kazus village blacksmith, Takka. She became tired of her strict blacksmith training and ran away from home. When she tries to escape on Cid's ship, Luneth and Arc catch her. When she begs to go with them, the two accept and let Refia come along.

Later on, Cid tells Refia (as well as the rest of the party) that when they were all mere toddlers, Refia and her biological parents went on board Cid's airship. During the trip, the airship flew into a strange and violent cloud, causing the ship to crash onto the Floating Continent. It is unknown what happened to Refia after this; it is possible that Takka might have found her near Kazus. She and the boys also learn that they were all originally from the surface world below their floating island.

After the adventure is over, Refia realizes how grateful she should be to Takka for raising her, and decides to become his apprentice at last.

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