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"Aid allies, sing and dance your way to victory."
—In-Game "Help" Description
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The Songstress is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. The Songstress is a job combines the traditional Final Fantasy jobs, Bard and Dancer. The Songstress has no offensive abilities, concentrating rather to buffing up the party. The Songstress dons light dancing clothes with floral sleeves and uses a microphone. Unlike other dresspheres, the Songstress dressphere is key to the main plot, as it houses the spirit of Lenne.

Similar to the Special Dresspheres' Break Damage and HP Limit abilities, the MP Mambo and Magical Masque dances only become available after obtaining two Key Items. MP Mambo requires the Key Item Magical Dances, Vol I, which is given to the player after they defeat all the bosses in the Den of Woe in Chapter 5. Magical Dances, Vol II, the Key Item to unlock Magical Masque, is the reward for defeating the Experiment in Chapter 5 when all its stats are at level 5.

"Well, this is no time for stage fright!"
"Once I get a mic in my hands, it's all over!"
"No holding back. If you can't keep up, stay off my dance floor."

For unknown reasons, when LeBlanc uses this dressphere in the beginning of the game, it turns her into an exact double of Yuna in her Songstress outfit. It is not explained why this is so, as dresspheres usually outfit the user with their own unique outfit, and they otherwise retain their own physical appearance. This may be because LeBlanc was using Yuna's dressphere or Garment Grid and not her own.

Acquiring Songstresssửa

In the beginning of the game, Rikku and Paine go after Yuna's impostor at the Luca concert. After battling her on stage, chasing her down the docks, and fighting Logos and Ormi, the real Yuna demands the impostor give back her Garment Grid with the Songstress dressphere.


  • YRP - Dance, Sing, Item



Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Darkness Dance Causes Blind on all of target party while dancing. 0 0 Filler for IE
Samba of Silence Causes Silence on all of target party while dancing. 20 0 Filler for IE
MP Mambo MP cost for party is 0 while dancing. 20 0 Key Item 'Magical Dances, Vol I'
Magical Masque Magic attacks cause no damage to the party while dancing. 20 0 Key Item 'Magical Dances, Vol II'
Sleepy Shuffle Causes Sleep on all of target party while dancing. 80 0 Filler for IE
Carnival Cancan Party's max HP doubles while dancing. 80 0 Sleepy Shuffle
Slow Dance Causes Slow on all of target party while dancing. 60 0 Filler for IE
Brakedance Causes Stop on all of target party while dancing. 120 0 Slow Dance
Jitterbug Causes Haste on party while dancing. 120 0 Slow Dance
Dirty Dancing Party always gets critical hits while dancing. 160 0 Slow Dance


Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Battle Cry Raises party's Strength. 10 4 Filler for IE
Cantus Firmus Raises party's Defense. 10 4 Battle Cry
Esoteric Melody Raises party's Magic. 10 4 Filler for IE
Disenchant Raises party's Magic Defense. 10 4 Esoteric Melody
Perfect Pitch Raises party's Accuracy. 10 4 Filler for IE
Matador's Song Raises party's Evasion. 10 4 Perfect Pitch


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