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Zack Fair
Tên tiếng Nhật ザックス・フェア
Latin hóa Zakkusu Fea
Vũ khí

Buster Sword
Umbrella (Mission)
Sniper Rifle

Nơi sinh Gongaga
Ngày sinh 1984
Tuổi 16 to 23 (Crisis Core, Before Crisis)
23 (Deceased) (Final Fantasy VII)
Chiều cao 6'3"[1] or 185 cm [2], depending on source
Nhóm máu O
Lồng tiếng Nhật Kenichi Suzumura
Lồng tiếng Anh Rick Gomez
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Character
"Boy oh boy... the price of freedom is steep."
—Zack Fair

Zack Fair là nhân vật không chơi được trong Final Fantasy VII và nhân vật chính của phần trước đó, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Chủ nhân của Buster Sword trước Cloud Strife, Zack nhận Buster Sword từ người tiền nhiệm Angeal Hewley. Zack là một SOLDIER 1st Class và là bạn thân nhất của Cloud trong thời gian họ làm việc cho Shinra. Anh được đặt biệt danh dễ thương là "cún con" trong Before CrisisCrisis Core.

In Final Fantasy VII, Zack only appears in flashback sequences which portray him as almost identical to Cloud Strife, the game's main protagonist. These sequences elaborate on Cloud's past and his connection to Sephiroth, Cloud's arch-nemesis. In Crisis Core, Zack's own history and influence upon the Final Fantasy VII world are brought into focus. Zack also appears in Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, and briefly in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

If the player performs the correct actions in Crisis Core, Zack can get his own fanclub like many other 1st Class SOLDIERs. Known simply as the "Zack Fair Fanclub", the player's actions determine its popularity by the end of the game.

Appearance and Personalitysửa

Zack goes through a series of changes throughout the events of Crisis Core. In the beginning, he has short spikey black hair and bangs framing the sides of his face. He is also tall, well-built, and features the iconic sky-blue "Mako Eyes" that many SOLDIERs have, with the exceptions of Sephiroth and Cloud who was only an infantryman. At first, he wears a dark blue SOLDIER uniform, gloves, boots, and is equipped with a standard SOLDIER Sword. Later, he is upgraded to a black 1st Class SOLDIER uniform. After Angeal transforms into a monster, Zack obtains an X-shaped scar on his left cheek, and the Buster Sword after Angeal's defeat. Later, he also changes his hair. It is still spikey but longer than it originally was, going back with a lock of hair hanging down in front of his face.

Zack initially has a strong and spunky attitude, and is always ready for work. His personality helped him earn the nickname "Zack the Puppy" from Angeal. He is very loyal to SOLDIER and dreams to become a hero. He also has a very friendly and caring personality, easily making friends with almost everyone he meets. Angeal's words of having dreams and honor have had a great impact on Zack, leading him to protect his honor and dreams as a member of SOLDIER, though still he retains his upbeat self. Zack is very flirty with women, occasionally asking a few out on a date as he does with Aerith right after meeting her, depicting himself to be somewhat of a ladies' man. Zack is also very protective of his friends, and will be ready to defend them without hesitation. He does not hesitate to fight Sephiroth after seeing Nibelheim ablaze and finding Tifa injured in the Mako Reactor, and he points the Buster Sword at Cissnei, threatening to attack her in Cloud's defense. After meeting Cloud, Zack's friendship with him progresses for the rest of Crisis Core.


Cảnh báo: bên dưới là những điều mà tiết lộ trước sẽ làm mất thú vị khi chơi game, chỉ nên đọc khi đã chơi qua một lần. (Bỏ qua đoạn này)
"SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack, on the job!"
—Zack Fair

Zack, born in the town of Gongaga, had childhood dreams of joining SOLDIER to become a 1st Class like the legendary Sephiroth. Zack soon left Gongaga and joined the Shinra Electric Power Company's military forces around the age of 13 in 1997. By October of 0000, he had reached SOLDIER 2nd Class under the tutelage of SOLDIER 1st Class Angeal Hewley. Angeal's words of wisdom and strong sense of honor had a profound effect on Zack, who wanted to be just like his mentor. During his time in SOLDIER, Zack befriended 2nd Class SOLDIER Kunsel, who guided him in the ways of Shinra. Zack works under Director Lazard Deusericus in the 49th Floor of Shinra Headquarters, along with many other SOLDIER members.

War With Genesissửa

Tập tin:Zack VS. Sephiroth copy.jpg
"Angeal would never betray us! Never!"
—Zack Fair to Sephiroth

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Zack first appears in a digital training session with mentor Angeal Hewley. Zack successfully completes the mission, but while he is caught off-guard by the victory, is attacked by a virtual form of Sephiroth. Sephiroth overpowers Zack, but Angeal saves him and ends the training. Angeal leaves saying, "To be a hero you need to have dreams...and honor." Despite the debacle in training, Angeal requests to Director Lazard that Zack be promoted to 1st Class. Zack is soon sent on his own mission to Wutai so as to prove his abilities. Though Zack became ecstatic over Angeal's suggestion, he received some interesting news during the briefing: 1st Class SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos had deserted Shinra, taking an untold number of 2nd and 3rd Class warriors with him.

Angeal and Zack arrive in Wutai and began their walk to the Fort Tamblin. On the way, Angeal asks Zack if he knows what "dumbapples" are. Zack replies no and learns the origin of the apples and that Angeal was poor growing up. As they wait for a bomb to go off, Zack questions Angeal why he never uses his sword, the Buster Sword. Angeal simply states that "Use brings about wear, tear and rust". The bomb goes off and Zack jumps down and takes out the forces single-handedly. Zack enters a room and is attacked by two anti-soldier monsters. He defeats them before a third falls. Zack attacks it,and believes it to be dead. When he turns his back, the monster uses a backhand slap and sends Zack flying to the wall. Angeal arrives, just in time, and kills the monster using the Buster Sword right before the monster finishes Zack off. While heading back to meet with Lazard, several soldiers attack but Angeal stays behind to deal with them while Zack gets Lazard to safety and heads back to discover Angeal missing. Ifrit appears and battles Zack. Once again, Zack falsely believes he won and gets attacked. Just then, Sephiroth arrives and defeats Ifrit in one blow. A shocked Zack watches Sephiroth identify the bodies as copies of Genesis. Realizing that these were the soldiers that Angeal had last been seen fighting, and that he was nowhere to be seen, Sephiroth comes to the conclusion that Angeal left with his long-time friend, Genesis. Zack, however, refuses to believe that his mentor would ever desert Shinra.

Zack soon is given a new mission by Lazard. He is joined by Tseng of the Turks. In Angeal and Genesis's hometown, Banora Village, Zack and Tseng find a grave and Tseng stays to investigate. Zack heads into the village and finds only one person, Angeal's mother, Gillian Hewley. She asks him where Angeal is but Zack says he doesn't know. Zack heads outside and finds a alternate path that leads to a factory. Inside, Genesis appears and taunts Zack and injures Tseng. Angeal arrives and defends Zack, but soon pushes him away. Tseng soon reveals that due to the high number of hostiles, several planes are going to bomb Banora. Zack races to save Gillian but finds her dead on the floor, Angeal standing above her. Thinking Angeal did it, Zack punches him and questions his honor. Genesis arrives and trips Zack, letting Angeal go. Genesis summons Bahamut, which Zack defeats. Zack soon questions Genesis about his honor to which Genesis replies that he has no honor. Sprouting a black angel wing, Genesis flies off. As Zack heads towards a Shinra Helicon with Tseng in it, he watches the bombing of Banora and gets on the Helicopter.

In April 0001, Zack is at Shinra Headquarters when Lazard awards him the title of SOLDIER First Class. Zack is not happy that he attained his dreams so early, and after so many losses. At that moment, Genesis's army attacks Midgar, and Zack has to fight them throughout the city. Along the way, he saves Cissnei, another member of the Turks. Sephiroth and Zack both head to the Sector 5 Reactor to find the rogue Dr. Hollander, who is suspected of working with Genesis. Zack chases Hollander through the Reactor until he runs into Angeal, who says that his goals are world domination and revenge. Sprouting wings, Angeal tells Zack that he is a monster. Zack replies that he is not a monster because he has angel wings, and Angeal questions him on his answer. Not satisfied with his response, Angeal attacks Zack and knocks him back. Refusing to fight his old friend and mentor, Zack refuses to defend himself from Angeal's attack. Angeal then uses magic to knock the platform beneath him away, causing him to fall.

Tập tin:Zack and Aerith CC.jpg

Zack drops through the roof of a church, where Zack meets Aerith Gainsborough. Grateful to her for saving his life (although she insists that she did nothing but say, "Hello-o!"), Zack offers to pay Aerith back with one date. However, Aerith, laughs and calls him silly. Zack sees the flowers and is impressed,saying that flowers are rarely seen in Midgar. Zack suggests that Aerith should sell the flowers that grow in the church. Later on, Zack gets his wallet stolen by a child, and would eventually find him, only to find that the child's wallet was eaten by a monster. In generosity, he lets the child keep his wallet in order to buy some medicine, or you can choose to take the wallet back from the monsters. That being done, it happens that the kid had a lot more money in his wallet than in Zack does in his. Zack then buys Aerith the ribbon that she is seen wearing throughout the series. However, their date is cut short when Zack has to return to the Midgar Plate to defeat Genesis. While on route, Angeal lands and explains that he and Zack must work together. Zack agrees and the two fly off to the Shinra building. Sephiroth explains that Hollander is most likely after Hojo due to Hojo taking over his job. Zack arrives and Genesis does as well as Angeal. Genesis flies out and Angeal grabs Zack and puts him down so that he can face Bahamut Fury while Angeal deals with Genesis. After the battle, Zack sees Angeal and Genesis gone and once again asks himself where he is.

Tragedies of Modeoheimsửa

"Angeal, what happened to honor!?"
—Zack before facing Angeal Penance

After the Midgar attack, Zack is sent to the mountain town of Modeoheim, with Tseng accompanying him once more, as well as several Shinra infantrymen, one of whom is Cloud Strife. Their helicopter is shot down by Genesis' troops on the way there, and the team must hike their way across the snow. Zack and Cloud make headway fast. When Zack makes the comment that his companion can at least keep up after seeing how far behind Tseng and the other troops are, they learn that they are both "country boys" and become immediate friends. From this point on, Cloud begins to accompany Zack on many missions and start to look up to him as a hero and role model, not unlike Zack looking up to Angeal.

They eventually come up on a Mako Excavation Facility that Zack must infiltrate while Tseng and the troops continue on to Modeoheim. Inside, Zack finds Genesis and Dr. Hollander arguing. He confronts Genesis while Hollander squirms away. Eventually defeating the degrading Genesis, Zack watches while the former SOLDIER lets himself fall into the depths of the reactor. Assuming him dead, Zack hurries after Hollander.

Inside a ruined bath house, Zack finds Hollander and Angeal. He learns here that Angeal's biological father is actually Hollander, who used the late Gillian Hewley as a test subject for Project G. It is also revealed that Angeal did not kill his mother, but that she killed herself. Although Hollander refers to him as the perfect soldier, Angeal refuses this title and, accepting the monstrosities of Project G, renames himself as the "perfect monster". He then fuses with several Angeal copy monsters and becomes Angeal Penance.

Tập tin:Zack inherits the Buster Sword.jpg

Zack is forced to fight and kill Angeal, obtaining the scar on his left cheek. Angeal is left barely alive, and apparently degrading from his wounds. Using his last strength, he hands the Buster Sword to Zack, telling him one final time to remember his dreams and honor in order to be a true member of SOLDIER. Distraught over the death of his mentor and friend, Zack finds comfort in the arms of Aerith, strengthening their relationship to its strongest point. As one of the last 1st Class SOLDIERs, and with the war with Genesis considered over, Zack takes over Angeal's job of being the emotional heart of the organization. He meets another SOLDIER member named Luxiere, who also looks up to him as a role model, and constantly sends Zack mail, as he is inspired by Zack's speech to the Shinra troops he commands.

Before Crisissửa

On January 16, 0002 Zack Fair is sent to deal with the insurgency known as AVALANCHE. He is sent to Icicle Inn to defeat an AVALANCHE base along with a player Turk and his SOLDIER friends, Essai and Sebastian. If the Turk player is female, Zack will hit on her. Along the way, Essai and Sebastian are kidnapped by AVALANCHE and turned into Ravens, monstrous genetically enhanced humans created by Fuhito to be his personal guard. Zack fights and kills a Raven named Kyneugh, and tries to save the SOLDIERs. However, when he arrives they have been completely transformed and must be defeated in battle. After their deaths, Zack makes a grave for them with each of their swords crossing, which appears in his DMW.

Zack at Costa del Sol

Zack at Costa del Sol with Cissnei.

By early summer, Zack is sent to Costa del Sol to rest with Cissnei watching him. However, his rest is broken by an attack of Genesis Copies, which is just the first salvo of a new round of conflict. With the help of the secret traitor within SOLDIER, no one less important than Director Lazard himself, they break Dr. Hollander out of imprisonment in Junon. Zack is sent there, with a good number of Turks and Shinra Troops to quell the threat of Genesis' copies and the stolen machines of the Shinra company. Hollander escapes with the help of the Genesis Copies, but Sephiroth, who appeared late on the scene, forgives him, and gives him permission to go back to Midgar and see Aerith.

Midgar had also been in danger at the same time. Hordes of monsters had appeared, escaped (or perhaps set free, according to Kunsel) from Hojo's lab. One monster in particular, though, had gone to Aerith's church. A single Angeal copy that was protecting Aerith from the monsters and Shinra's confused machines until Zack arrived. Although never fully stated, it is believed that this single copy is all that is left of Angeal's will on the Planet, and is perhaps being controlled by Angeal from the Lifestream.

Before Zack leaves on his next mission, he and Aerith build a wagon so that she can sell flowers throughout Midgar. Zack has to stop selling early, though, as he is called away for another mission. Trusting Tseng to look after her, he, Sephiroth, Cloud, and two other Shinra troops head to Nibelheim, Cloud's hometown.

The Nibelheim Incidentsửa

"Sephiroth! Have you completely lost your mind?"
—Zack to Sephiroth after he descends into madness
Genesis Chapter9

Inside the Reactor.

Zack, Sephiroth, and Cloud Strife all enter Nibelheim on September 22nd, but Cloud hides his face out of fear of being spotted by his childhood friend, Tifa. Just before the group heads up Mt. Nibel to reach the Reactor, a picture is taken of Sephiroth, Tifa, and Zack together. They all then head up the mountain and reach the Reactor.

Nibelheim Incident Witnessed by Zack

Zack sees Sephiroth with Nibelheim ablaze.

The problem is easily fixed. However, inside the Reactor are pods filled with horrible monsters that had been infused with massive amounts of Mako. They also find a creature named Jenova, who Sephiroth was told was his mother. This, along with words from Genesis, sends Sephiroth over the edge. He hides himself in the basement of the Shinra Mansion reading over files upon files of the Jenova Project. When Zack tries to look for Sephiroth, and finds him, Sephiroth says that he wants to be left alone. However, during a DMW scene, Sephiroth talks to Zack about the Jenova Project's result, himself. On October 1st, Sephiroth comes out of the Mansion. Now insane, Sephiroth burns the village to the ground, slaughtering most of the townsfolk.

Zack runs up the mountain behind an enraged Tifa, both out to defeat Sephiroth. Inside the Reactor, Tifa is easily cut down by Sephiroth. Zack approaches her but she turns away from him, frightened. As he goes to confront Sephiroth, Zack overhears Tifa say that she hates him along with Shinra and SOLDIER. Distraught, Zack cuts down the doors to Jenova's room. Sephiroth stands outside of Jenova's containment tube, and does not even notice Zack enter. The two battle, and Zack, being a 1st Class SOLDIER, manages to hold his own against Sephiroth for a time before he himself is defeated. Finally, Cloud, furious over the death of his mother and seeing Tifa gravely wounded, takes up the Buster Sword and defeats Sephiroth. Sephiroth falls into the Lifestream, where he will disappear for four years. Tifa is saved by Zangan, but Cloud and Zack are both taken by Shinra forces to be used in Professor Hojo's newest experiment.

Defeating Genesissửa

"No! Open your eyes, Genesis!"
—Zack telling Genesis to face reality

Four years later (December 19th, 0006), Zack has a hallucination of Angeal appearing before him in Shinra Mansion's basement. As he flies off, Zack's strong will to be free allowed him to break the tube enabling him and Cloud to escape. Because of Hojo's experiments, both have become Sephiroth Clones, but Zack is completely unaffected by the experiment thanks to having been in SOLDIER. Cloud is completely comatose from Mako poisoning, but Zack can still fight. He cuts their way out of Nibelheim, which had been rebuilt by Shinra to hide the Incident that occurred four years earlier. Cissnei in Crisis Core, or whoever the player's Turk is in Before Crisis, is ordered to take Zack in, but betrays orders and allows him to pass.

Zack and Cloud hide out from Shinra forces while trying to reach Midgar until early autumn 0007. One of Genesis's Copies eats a part of Zack's hair. Since Zack has been infused with Jenova Cells, it turns the copy into a horrible monster. Zack defeats the creature, and heads home to Gongaga. Here he once again runs into Genesis, now with a degrading Genesis Copy that was once Hollander. Hollander and Genesis try to take Cloud for his pure Sephiroth Cells, because Zack is worthless thanks to being a former member of SOLDIER. Instead, Lazard - in the form of a degrading Angeal, thanks to unknowingly obtaining his cells - and Zack fight the two. Zack finally kills Hollander once and for all.

Tập tin:Zack defeating Genesis.jpg

It is at this point that Zack finally realizes that Genesis has been working from Banora the whole time, the Banora "dumbapples" that Genesis always carried being the clue. Zack travels there, and leaves Cloud under Lazard's protection. Zack travels down into Genesis's cave until he comes upon Genesis who uses the power of the Lifestream, but still is defeated. Zack takes his old enemy up to the surface.

Tập tin:Zack eats a Banora White.jpg

Together with a comatose Cloud, a beaten Genesis, and a dead Lazard, he eats a Dumb Apple. The final Angeal copy that had protected Aerith shows up here as well, and as he finally dies from degradation, Zack finds the 89th and final letter from Aerith that it had been carrying and realizes that he had been asleep for four years. Desperate to return before Aerith forgets him, Zack leaves a now pacified Genesis behind while he and Cloud go off to Midgar.


"Hey, would you say I became a hero?"
—Zack to Cloud
Tập tin:Zack's Fall.jpg

At the end of September (0007), while Zack and Cloud head back towards Midgar, a massive army of Shinra Troops awaits them. Despite Cissnei and Tseng's attempts to save Zack first, the Shinra army attacks. A Shinra sniper attempts to assassinate Cloud, but Zack notices this and tells Cloud to get away, causing the sniper to miss his mark, starting the battle. Zack fights hard against overwhelming odds. However, the enemy is just too many, and despite all of Zack's SOLDIER training (presumably, defeating not all, but most of the army, considering there is apparently only a handful of soldiers left in contrast to the vast amount of enemies facing him earlier), he is defeated. In the original Final Fantasy VII, in the flashback, there are only two Shinra soldiers and one commander, who shoot Zack by surprise. Riddled with bullets, and his Digital Mind Wave destroyed, Zack is barely alive when Cloud awakens and comes to him. Zack hands the Buster Sword to him, like Angeal handed the Buster Sword to Zack four years earlier. He tells Cloud to carry on his dreams, and be his "living legacy". As Cloud wanders off towards Midgar, Zack looks at the sky as the sun begins emerge and shine, remembering how scared Aerith was of such a beautiful thing. He then sees Angeal descending from the sky, two white wings outstretched, finally a free spirit. Zack says that he wants Angeal's wings too and takes Angeal's outstretched hand, proceeding thus into the Lifestream. As Cloud continues on his journey, Zack tells him to say hi to Aerith for him, and then asks the question "Hey, would you say I became a hero?" echoing his once called "unattainable" dream of becoming a hero.

Tập tin:CCFFVII Zack's End.jpg

The combined weight of all this trauma finally makes Cloud snap, and barely conscious, he makes his way to Midgar dragging the Buster Sword behind him. Collapsing in the Sector 7 Station, Cloud is found by Tifa, where he, aided by the Jenova cells he now has in his body, adopts Zack's memories and persona, combining it with an idealized image of himself to create a new personality and history for himself. After the creation of this facade, Cloud truly believes that he was successful in joining SOLDIER, and that he fulfilled Zack's role in the fateful mission to Nibelheim four years before. He believes he has come to Midgar to seek work as a mercenary, just as Zack said he intended to do. In fact, Zack no longer even existed in Cloud's mind; the altered memories placed him in Zack's stead. Realizing something is wrong with Cloud, Tifa convinces him to join her and Barret with AVALANCHE to keep an eye on him. It is on the mission to blow up the Mako Reactor that Cloud performs for AVALANCHE that Crisis Core ends and Final Fantasy VII begins.

Final Fantasy VIIsửa

Tập tin:FFVII Zack Nibelheim Incident.jpg

In the story of Final Fantasy VII, much of it revolves around Cloud's battle to reclaim his memory, to accept his true identity rather than relying on his constructed "Zack" personality — a combination of Zack's persona, the stories Zack had told him, and what he presumed a First Class SOLDIER would act like — and to validate himself in a world that has rejected him. When the party visits the depressed town of Gongaga Village, they learn that it was Zack's hometown. Aerith also reveals at one point that Zack was her first boyfriend, and that Cloud resembles him. His parents are also there, still waiting for Zack's return, concerned that they had not heard from him in a while.


In Hoshi wo Meguru Otome, Aerith encounters Zack after her death at the hands of Sephiroth. Aerith contemplates about Cloud's persona, but summons Zack instead - as he is the one Cloud thought himself to be. Zack is among those who aided her in the destruction of Meteor. They reminisce about their relationship, and Zack retains his flirtatious demeanor, telling Aerith to give him a call whenever she feels lonely.

Advent Children/Advent Children Completesửa

"You already beat him once, didn't you? This should be a cinch!"
—Zack to Cloud about Sephiroth (Advent Children Complete)
Tập tin:Zack in Cloud's Eye ACC.png
Although Zack has been dead for two years by the time of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, he shows up several times. Flashbacks show scenes of his and Cloud's friendship when Cloud visits the Buster Sword memorial outside Midgar, and is briefly shown when Cloud thinks of what he cherishes most during his battle with Sephiroth. After Cloud gets caught in Loz and Yazoo's suicide attack, he hears Zack and Aerith's voices before being sent back to Midgar, and sees him with Aerith in the church in the Slums, returning to the Lifestream, letting Cloud know that they are alright together, and that Cloud is not alone.
Tập tin:Zack watching Midgar.jpg

Throughout the movie, a large gray wolf appears in many of the same places as Cloud does, but at different times, only meeting him once at the end. One speculation is this wolf is the representation of Cloud's loneliness and guilt for failing his friends, among them Zack. Another speculation is that this wolf is an incarnation of Zack's spirit, keeping an eye on Cloud during his most dire moments. This appears next to the Buster Sword memorial in the wastelands, very briefly twice among the rapid succession of images of Sephiroth, Kadaj, Zack, and the Jenova cells after Cloud's recollection of Zack, in the church when Cloud falls unconscious due to Geostigma symptoms, next to the lake in the Forgotten City after Cloud drops his phone and you hear Aerith's voice, and next to Cloud before he awakens in Aerith's church. This wolf disappears in the end when Cloud finally manages to forgive himself for his failures, including the deaths of Zack and Aerith, and after the wolf fades, Zack and Aerith appear to Cloud to show that even though his guilt has faded, his memory and appreciation of his friends has not.

Tập tin:ZYAerith.png
Zack appears twice more in Advent Children Complete. As Cloud sees Tifa in danger during his fight against Bahamut SIN, images of Aerith's death and Zack's final stand flash in his eyes. During the final battle, Zack appears behind Cloud just as Sephiroth seems to have him beaten. With the Buster Sword in his hand, Zack reminds Cloud not to forget his SOLDIER honor, before correcting himself because Cloud never actually was in SOLDIER, but it's in the heart that counts and he encourages Cloud to defeat Sephiroth, reminding him that he is Zack's living legacy. Zack's ability to appear to Cloud, even after being absorbed into the Lifestream, his memories becoming one with the Planet, was likely Aerith's doing, although she was probably only able to help Zack maintain this form for a brief period of time. After the credits roll, yellow flowers are seen blooming where Zack had died.
Tập tin:Zack's Resting Place.jpg
Denzel asks Cloud if it is someone's grave. Cloud replies that is it not, and says that it is a place where a hero began his journey, presumably referring to both Zack and himself. The next scene shows Aerith's church, where a restored and well-kept Buster Sword has been relocated to rest among the flowers.


Zack Fair's plot role in Final Fantasy VII was already there before he was created. From the start, it was decided that Cloud's cocky personality would be false. It was only later that it was decided to create a character who Cloud based himself on. Before Zack, Aerith was to see her first love in Cloud, though that person was not yet decided upon. Some early ideas even placed that person as Sephiroth. Later, the character Zack was placed to both serve as Aerith's old love and to solve the mysteries surrounding Cloud. Since he was so late in development, he was one of the last characters drawn by Tetsuya Nomura.


Throughout Crisis Core, Zack Fair wields four weapons. As a SOLDIER 2nd Class and briefly after his promotion to 1st, he is a master of the SOLDIER Sword, the traditional weapon of most SOLDIERs. Upon defeating his friend and mentor, Angeal, Zack inherits the legendary Buster Sword, receiving it as a final gift from Angeal before his death. Thereafter, Zack uses this large broadsword as his own in honor of his friend. This same sword would later be passed onto Cloud in a similar manner. In Costa del Sol, Zack fights briefly with a parasol, swinging it around like a sword. Interestingly, this odd weapon has the same attacking power as Zack's other weapons and works well to defeat Genesis's forces. Later on, in the mission after Nibelheim, he uses a sniper rifle.

Digital Mind Wavesửa

Bài viết chính: Digital Mind Wave

Digital Mind Wave, or DMW, is the limit break system in Crisis Core. Zack, despite having his own signature DMW attack (called Chain Slash) and numerous unmentioned limit breaks, naturally has the ability to copy the Limit Breaks of people close to him, and thus, throughout the game, more characters who are connected to Zack will be added to the DMW. It is also possible to unlock Summon DMWs or gain Chocobo Mode, along with other creatures' DMW. These are all unlocked throughout the course of certain events throughout the game.

Character Name Obtaining Action
Sephiroth Octaslash Start of the game Eight physical hits against one enemy.
Angeal Rush Assault Start of the game Combo of 15 physical hits total on one enemy or seven hits, seven hits, and one hit on up to three enemies. The final hit inflicts Stun. He pulls off a series of punches, finishing by speeding by the target. Ignores enemies Vitality, may grant the Endure Status, will raise Emotion level by one if it is a level five attack.
Tseng Air Strike Start of Chapter 3 Physical attack on all enemies by use of a fighter chopper.
Cloud Meteor Shots Halfway through Chapter 6 Physical Attack on all enemies in which Zack jumps into the air and swings his blade multiple times sending explosive blast at the targets.
Aerith Healing Wave Start of Chapter 5 Heals HP, MP, and AP fully, with possibility of exceeding maximum up to 2x, and clears status effects. Invincibility for limited duration.
Cissnei Lucky Stars Halfway through Chapter 4 All attacks are critical hits for limited duration. Emotion level goes up by 1 - 5 stages.
Genesis Apocalypse After defeating Genesis at Modeoheim Cast spell that damages all enemies through use of a pentagram like symbol, will raise Emotion level by one if it is a level five attack.


Bài viết chính: Zack (Boss)

Zack is fought as a boss in Chapter 19 of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. He also fights against himself in Crisis Core, as Experiments Nos. 114 and 123.

Non-Final Fantasy Appearancessửa

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ringsửa

Zack is a secret playable character in the game Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring, functioning more or less as a clone of Cloud in the arcade, versus, and minigame events. Like Cloud, he fights both hand-to-hand and with the Buster Sword, and has renamed versions of Cloud's techniques, including Meteor Shower, High Braver, True Cross-slash, and Unseen Omnislash.

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A slightly younger version of Zack appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in the Olympus Coliseum world. He is wearing a Hercules based version of his SOLDIER uniform and using his original sword from Crisis Core. He is shown fighting Terra, talking with Ventus, and flirting with Aqua, in the similar manner he previously flirted with Aerith. According to an interview with Famitsu Magazine, Tetsuya Nomura stated Zack was included due to his status as a character from Final Fantasy VII's past, to tie into Birth by Sleep taking place ten years before Kingdom Hearts. He will be the only Final Fantasy character (aside from Moogles) to appear in the game. A remix of his theme from Crisis Core is featured the game as well.



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  • Zack's full name was first revealed in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII to be Zack Fair. According to Tetsuya Nomura, it is derived from "fair weather", and is intended to contrast with "Cloud Strife".
  • During a DMW scene, Zack tells Aerith that whenever they meet, they should always do something in particular. Zack's idea was for her to wear pink, but she thought the idea silly. After this event, she wears her signature pink outfit, probably to surprise Zack when he came back from Nibelheim. Zack is also responsible for buying her the pink ribbon she always wears.
  • In Costa del Sol, Zack fights with a parasol. In Final Fantasy VII, Aeris can obtain an Umbrella for a weapon.
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  • During his spare time, Zack is usually found doing squats, and is the current champion of squats in SOLDIER. This is a reference to a minigame in Final Fantasy VII where Cloud must out-perform a gym member in Wall Market doing squats
  • Although most 2nd Class members of SOLDIER wear red and magenta uniforms, Zack's outfit is dark blue, much closer to the uniforms of 1st Class SOLDIERs.
  • Zack's normal victory pose in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII seems to be a combination of Cloud's with Squall's, involving Zack swinging the Buster Sword twice, then spinning it and returning it to its holder on his back.
  • The train platform that Zack jumps onto in the very beginning of Crisis Core is the same one that Cloud would jump on to at the start of the original game, or rather a replica of it in the training room's Virtual Reality chamber.
  • It is stated in-game that Zack is 6'3" tall. However, comparing their game models in Crisis Core shows Zack is shorter than Sephiroth, who is 6'1". When Zack and Cloud stand back-to-back in Advent Children Complete, Zack is only slightly taller than Cloud, who is 5'7". In the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania guide, Zack's height is given as 185 cm, roughly equating a height of just over six feet.
  • Zack is the person who named the 7th Heaven bar. It is proven when he is in the Sector 5 Slums Market Place, he talks to a man near a pile of wood and he will ask Zack to help him name his new bar.
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  • In Final Fantasy VII: International[3], the player can view specific background items in full screen. In Zack's parents' house in Gongaga, one can click on his parents' desk and find a letter he wrote them a few years ago, that roughly translates into:

To Father & Mother How are you? Sorry for rushing out of the town so suddenly. The truth is that I decided to become a SOLDIER. I thought you'd get worried... Now I become (something) and try my best as a SOLDIER. P.S I got a girlfriend.

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